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The best tea deserves the best tea ware. Infuser Heat-Resistant Tea ware is made of high quality glass that will keep your tea safe and insulated while you brew. With a capacity of 301-400ml, this teapot can easily accommodate most brews and is perfect for keeping your tea warm.


Capacity: 301-400ml
Material: Glass

  • Teaware
  • Glass Teapot
  • Coffee Water Kettle

The Kettle Dripper is the perfect coffee maker for anyone on-the-go. It is properly sized and allows the glass drip coffee maker to be kept in any mug, thermos, or jug. Simply heat the coffee filter with hot water and add your favorite coffee grounds. The Kettle Dripper's design ensures that there is minimal contact with the coffee grounds, which results in a pure cup of coffee every time.


  • Capacity: 600ML
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Coffee Style
  • Style2: Pour Over Glass
  • Coffee Pot Type: Coffee Percolators
  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass, Silica Gel
  • Capacity: 300/500/700 ML


Outlet of vapor
There is an outlet of vapor on the lid, which can avoid pop-up when the inside pressure is high.
Filter design
The teapot is designed with a filter so that tea leaves or other dross can be filtered, very convenient.
Anti-scalding handle
The teapot owns anti-scalding handle design that has a good function of heat insulation and anti-scalding.
Wide application
The teapot can be placed directly onto the stove to boil water or reheat existing drinks. Suitable for use on all types of stove, such as induction cooker, coal gas stove, side furnace etc.
High quality and high Welding Technology
The teapot is made of high quality stainless steel, thickened flat bottom, sturdy and doable. Pot is mirror gloss finished and easy to clean. Pout is welded precisely and polished many times, no leaking.
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